Witchcraft and Magick: Love / Sex / Lust Spells & Rituals Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of Love Spells and Rituals for Sex, Friendship and Lust

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The TYPE OF MAGICK you will be using is distinguished by the degree to which your actions (i.e. the energy you send out) will affect another person(s) without their consent. The ranking system used to illustrate the 3 types of magick used for the spells on this site is as follows:

Encyclopedia of Love Spells and Rituals for Sex, Friendship and Lust Spells in the WHITE category ONLY involve the affecting of change to YOU or someone consciously requesting your assistance. Informed consent is required for all the spells in this category. Spells for beauty, confidence, drawing an unspecified lover towards you as well as a wide variety of other benign workings are found in this category. Those witches concerned about ethics in Love Magick will want to focus on the spells in this group since they do not unfairly affect anyone but the caster and his or her clients. "Involuntary Attraction" techniques are not found in this section.


Encyclopedia of Love Spells and Rituals for Sex, Friendship and Lust Spells in the BLACK category may affect change on an individual without his or her consent. "Involuntary Attraction" spells, aggressive protection spells, wandering prevention spells, break-up and binding spells are just a few examples of the workings you will find in this category. None of the spells found here are encouraged though they can be effective when performed correctly. They are here for education purposes. Even ethical witches need to learn what is possible to prevent love magick attacks in themselves and their clients. The spells in this group are also categorized as such to help confused casters better understand what kind of love magick spells constitute black magick (i.e. what to avoid to prevent karmic or similar backlash). If you still have questions about the spells in this category, please refer to our disclaimer.


Encyclopedia of Love Spells and Rituals for Sex, Friendship and Lust Spells in this category are mostly protection spells that involve a more defensive approach to protection than those found in the WHITE category. Death and destruction spells are NOT found in this section regardless of how dangerous or harmful the target may be. Also included are binding and banishing spells that help to sever relations between you (or your client) and an unwanted suiter. Since this affects the energy of another person, spells in this category are considered GRAY magick. While still ethical, some witches prefer to have a clear line between WHITE and GRAY spells for their own strict ethical standards. Spells to help a person notice you or otherwise become aware of another person, situation or event are also found in this category. While GRAY magick is rarely considered as offensive as BLACK magick, negative consequences can still result from its use. Think carefully before using the spells in this section. They can be of great assistance to witches in a bind, but often you can accomplish the same effect with a WHITE spell.

GRAY category spells do not fall into the BLACK category for the same reason our society does not punish people for assaulting someone who is trying to harm or kill them. In such cases, our society views protection as a justifiable course of action. GRAY magick is primarily defensive, but can also involve other actions to which there is no alternative. Like fending off an attacker with your fists, using GRAY magick should be a last resort and only used until another alternative becomes available.


NOTE: All the spells on this site work. If performed correctly with the proper ritual steps, belief, energy and supplies any spell can be successful. Please do not assume that since magick is all a game that nothing bad can happen from careless dabbling into spellcraft. We are not responsible for any misadventures that result from the use of the spells on this site. No warranties are implied or should be assumed. Officially, this site is presented to educate. Please be responsible and remember that the universe can become unbalanced easily.

Encyclopedia of Love Spells and Rituals for Sex, Friendship and Lust