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Encyclopedia of Love Spells and Rituals for Sex, Friendship and Lust

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Before you attempt any of the Love Spell workings available on this site, please consider the following message. It can save you a lot of problems in the future.

This entire site is about the magickal practices and techniques used to create love (or in some cases only what passes for love). Spells for everything from making yourself more attractive to drawing the love of a stranger and even the methods used to ensnare an unwilling victim into a relationship with you against their will. As you might have guessed, these latter types of spells do not take into account what the victim might truly want.

A great many people feel strongly that this last type of spell: involuntary attraction is a form of black magick. This is true. Never doubt that the under-handed use of magick to force another person to love you is harmless. This is serious magick with serious consequences. Without resorting to any thinly veiled morality lectures, I will tell you this: Black magick NEVER results in real love. It will only result in the appearance of love. As we all know, looks can be deceiving.

So the next time you see a disagreeable couple arguing in the supermarket, ask yourself how they got together. Even if they've been married for 50 years, do they look to you like they would do it all over again if they had the free will to do so? Then realize that their situation could be your's and your victim's in a few decades.

United in commitment.

Imprisoned in social convention.

Is this what you want? A partner that you don't really gel with?

Will this someone you use black magick on stand between you and true happiness with a person who fits you like a glove? A true soul-mate will make your blood boil with passion yet still know how you take your coffee or tea. Your true love will make it his or her business to know what you're allergic to...what your favorite sitcom is. Involuntary Attraction spells will not give you this. They will only give you an artificial version of love--possibly through the emotional state of passion, a common gateway that magick chooses to achieve the goal of a relationship spell.

Why do I sound so sure about this? I've been a witch for over 20 years, and I've dug more than one person out of a well meaning "Love Spell" fiasco. This message isn't about "right" and "wrong", "karma", the "Rede" or the "rule of three" that many Wiccans witches are familiar with. This message is about cause and effect. Too many people dabble with spells assuming "This stuff doesn't really work anyway, so who cares?" You have a right to know that this is inaccurate. Magick works. It can have harsh consequences if abused, not just in the long term but in the short term as well.

Like for example, consider the possibility that the results of your "successful" spell end up more serious than a loveless relationship. What if you end up with a stalker from the mild-mannered hunk or princess you thought you couldn't live without? It has happened. Despite these words, it will happen again.

Now try this on for size: You may not realize it, but you deserve better. Many of the spells listed on this site can help you achieve REAL, lasting love and all the joy associated with it. If you can find a brief moment of sanity in the midst of your desperate, unrequited love, opt for one of the methods that bring true happiness. You will find all the spells in this Encyclopedia are rated as using White, Black or Grey Magick so there is no confusion as to what you are getting yourself into. All spells are also rated according to the level of difficulty to help beginners choose the best method for their needs. Like all the black magick techniques listed here, the positive methods DO work. Consider them first. You may be surprised.

But, alas this is an instructional site. We will teach the bad with the good and leave you to make your own judgements. But don't say you haven't been warned.

After all:
"Without fools there would be no wisdom."

- Anonymous

Encyclopedia of Love Spells and Rituals for Sex, Friendship and Lust