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Encyclopedia of Love Spells and Rituals for Sex, Friendship and Lust

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The cost of a spell depends on many things. Herbs, oils, candles, dolls, parchment, inks, incense and a wide variety of other supplies are often needed to perform a spell according to the original author's directions. You can always make substitutions for listed ingredients. However only attempt this if you are confident in your knowledge of how and why a particular item or substance was chosen for the working in the first place. If you are not sure, and you know you can't find/afford a certain ingredient, choose another spell. Spells are ranked according to their approximate cost based on the following scale:

  • FREE: No cost or only slight cost. Such spells may only involve the recitation of certain chants or the use of minimal resources that are easily accessible. Items/substances like: a cup of water, a few grains of rice, salt or sugar are commonly found in most households and do not tax the caster's resources. You can rest assured that if a spell is listed as "FREE" that you will be spending little or no money to complete it successfully.

  • LOW: Spells that require only one or a few standard white or colored candles, some inexpensive oils and other items that are either found easily in one's home or inexpensively at a local store are considered "Low". You can expect to spend less than $10.00 to complete the spell and in most cases far less. Mail order and Internet purchases for difficult to find items are not found in this category since minimum purchase requirements and shipping costs are a consideration even if only a tiny amount of the substance/item is required to be used up for successful completion of the spell. Altar & ritual tools are likewise excluded from this category since they are difficult to find and often over-priced in local occult shops.

  • MODERATE: Spells requiring altar or ritual tools as well as (non-culinary) herbs, oils or incense not commonly found in local stores are included in this category. Substances and items that require Internet or mail order purchase are also found in this category. Consider also that any substances or items that would have been listed in the FREE or LOW categories listed above may also be present in this category as well depending on how much the other ingredients cost. Of course if you already have the ingredients or tools required for a given spell, then you will likely spend nothing. The ranking system used here assumes you begin with nothing.

  • HIGH: In addition to the above requirements, spells listed in this category may require rare, expensive herbs, oils, figure candles or other items not found in local stores. If an item is found in a local store, it may be expensive (like say, a crystal ball). You may even require ritual tools not commonly found in occult shops (even those online). Be prepared to do some digging in order to find suppliers for some of the requirements for this category. In fact, you may have to have an occult shop special order something for you. Keep in mind that this may cost extra.

    While you should not disregard spells in this category simply because of their cost, remember that they may require a more experienced background in witchcraft--if for no other reason than you don't want to waste money trying a costly spell you lack the skill to complete successfully. There are no guarantees about any of the spells on this site. Even if you find and purchase all of the ingredients, you may not achieve the results you want. Don't assume that simply because this category requires a greater financial investment that you will be more likely to be successful. Read as many of the spells as possible and find the one that feels right for your situation and your current level of experience. You may be able to accomplish the same result for less money.

Encyclopedia of Love Spells and Rituals for Sex, Friendship and Lust