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Encyclopedia of Love Spells and Rituals for Sex, Friendship and Lust

Encyclopedia of Love Spells and Rituals for Sex, Friendship and Lust

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Involuntary Attraction love spells can be cast consciously or unconsciously. Often the caster does not even know what he is she is doing with their energy. Ritual is not always necessary if the desire is strong enough. For this reason, love spells are a lot more common than we like to think. To help determine if you have been the victim of a love spell answer the following questions:

  • Do you have an unwanted admirer that you suddenly cannot stop thinking about in a positive or negative way?
  • Has a relationship with an unwanted admirer become more difficult than usual lately?
  • Do you find yourself arguing with an unwanted admirer more than usual?
  • Have you been approached by an unwanted admirer to spend time together in a non-romantic setting?
  • Has an unwanted admirer directly approached you regarding a romantic relationship (asking you out)?
  • Have you recently had difficulty sleeping due to concern about an unwanted admirer's attentions?
  • Have you recently had difficulty eating due to concern about an unwanted admirer's attentions?
  • Do you find yourself draw to an unwanted admirer's desire for you despite the fact they he/she is not your type?

    If you answered YES to more than five of the above questions, then you probably have some unwanted energy passing between you and another person. You need to distance yourself from this person at all costs. This is not a healthy situation. In fact, one of two things is happening. One, you have been hexed by this person and need to sever the energy through ritual and geographic distance. Or two, you have unresolved feelings about this person that are giving you a mistaken impression of this person's intentions (i.e. the love spell you fear is based on your imagination only). In either case you should sort out your feelings as soon as possible--without contacting this other person.

    Distance is the first key to resolving an authentic Involuntary Attraction spell.

    IF this person has cast a love spell on you (whether conscious or unconscious) you need to show them that you will not simply fall in their arms. Remember to stay calm and keep your wits about you. Magick must be fought with magick. Confronting this person directly will only make you look crazy--ESPECIALLY if the individual sent the energy towards you unconsciously. Be smart. Fight fire with fire. There are ways of rebounding negative energy (and an unwanted love spell IS negative energy) back on the caster without physical contact. You can also simply re-route the energy back into the earth if you feel uncomfortable with GRAY magick. Remember that reflecting energy back to its source is GRAY magick because there is a potential for harm to the original caster.

    Awareness is your best defense. You can halt any attack as long as you are aware of it. Just because someone casts a love spell on you does not mean that you have to marry them and live unhappily ever after.

    To learn if you have been the victim of a love spell prepare the following ritual: Choose a fresh red candle about 1" thick x 4" tall and red all the way through--not white over-dipped with red. This candle should NOT be the dripless kind. These are generally more expensive anyway, so choose an inexpensive candle OR if you make your own, simply omit the wax hardener that many people use to increase the burn time. You will need a candle the drips. Anoint the candle with gardenia oil and carve along the base of the candle your full name along with the full name of the person you think may have cast an involuntary attraction spell on you. Set the candle inside a fire-proof bowl of water so that the water level is about 1/2 way up the length of the candle. Note: You may need to affix the red candle to the bottom of the bowl with dripped candle wax from another candle before adding the water to keep the red spell candle from floating onto it's side. If you do use dripped wax to hold your red candle to the bottom of the bowl, use wax from a WHITE candle. Place the bowl the middle of a table with nothing else. Sprinkle a pinch of salt into the water.

    One hour before dust, extinguish all lights in your room and light the candle with a match. Make certain there is no breeze in the room from windows, doors or vents. This would skew the results. Then watch the candle as it begins to burn down. After several seconds, close your eyes. Allow your mind to drift so that your thoughts wander to this person. Focus your attention on the image of this person's face, hands, body, etc. Envision the different affects (or emotional expressions) this person exhibits in his/her interactions with you. Hear his/her voice. Imagine the scent this person gives off whether through cologne, perfume or simply this person's own natural scent. If you have ever had any physical contact, no matter how brief, imagine the feeling against your own skin, body. The longer you can continue to visualize this person while the candle burns, the more accurate the results will be. When you have meditated on this person long enough (at least 5-10 minutes, but longer if possible), recite the following 3 times and then open your eyes:

    I hear your call.
    I feel your breath.
    The candle's blood
    Runs quick as death.

    And speaks the words
    You cannot tell.
    Show me fast
    This lover's spell.

    Encyclopedia of Love Spells and Rituals for Sex, Friendship and Lust

    IMPORTANT: To accurately interpret the results, you have to observe the direction of the wax drippings from the candle with respect to your position near the candle. What quadrant of the candle contains the most dripped wax? If the majority of the wax drippings are opposite you, then the energy you are giving off is being drawn away from you towards this other person. This indicates a possible love spell.

    Likewise if the wax has dripped to your right, then you are also being drained of energy by this person. On the other hand, if the wax has accumulated in either the left hand side OR on the on the side of the candle closest to you, then you are drawing energy away from this other person. This can happen due to no other reason than you are worrying about the possibility that they cast a spell on you. In this case, simply put forth an effort to resolve any feelings (good and bad) about this person so that you do not harm them with your energy. If there is minimal, evenly distributed or no wax drippings, then the energy transference between you and this person is also minimal. A love spell is highly unlikely.

    Note in the picture above that the flame and the wax move in the same direction: i.e. when the flame moves opposite you, the wax also drips opposite you. Sometimes the wax and the flame will not move together due to the construction of the candle. When in doubt, watch the candle flame. The flame is indicative of your energy. The reason why early witches suggested that we follow the wax is because it's sometimes easier to monitor and the wax and the flame usually move together.

    To better understand interpretation of the results, refer to the diagram below:

    Encyclopedia of Love Spells and Rituals for Sex, Friendship and Lust

    Once you have determined the results of your ritual, you need to be prepared to act. Built into this divination ritual is the means to counter the negative energy of an Involuntary Attraction Love Spell. If your results indicate that you are being drained of energy due to a love spell, then simply recite the following incantation 8 times:

    Distant seeker,
    Lover's wrath.
    Your warm regards
    Will find no path.

    Cease your ardor.
    Leave me be.
    The pain you cause
    Will not be free.

    Now imagine that the energy pathway between you two withers away to nothing. This pathway is what allows this person to draw you towards him/her. You have the power to close this door. Once you have clearly visualized this, allow the candle to burn out. It should extinguish itself when it reaches the water. Pour the water near the base of an Apple, Apricot or Cherry tree. This is acts as an offering to Venus and helps to seal the spell and ensure Her favor in this matter.

    Encyclopedia of Love Spells and Rituals for Sex, Friendship and Lust