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  1. Can you perform a spell for me?

    We do not do spells for people. Occult 100 is strictly an educational site. However with so many requests over the years we searched high and low for a practitioner we could trust with discrete, compassionate service. If you have romance, love, wealth, protection or other concerns, contact the Sisters at sisterwitch.com. They are the best we've seen over the past several years (and we've seen a LOT). They have the experience and compassion to help you far better than we can.

  2. Will you send me spells?

    No, we don't do that. Please don't ask for spells. We have an archive for that. If you have romance, love, money, employment or other concerns that you can't solve with the spells archive, you can contact the Sisters at sisterwitch.com. They have the experience and compassion to help you far better than we can.

  3. Will you help me curse, hex or kill my (insert name of troublesome person here)?


  4. Will you help me become a witch?

    No. If you want to be a witch, read, research and surf the Internet. That's all you need. There's no magic spell that can make you a student. You have to do that for yourself by asking questions, practicing and reading. Did I mention reading? Read EVERYTHING. Most of it will be bull. The rest will help you decide what tradition you are most comfortable with. Don't be one of the sheep. Think for yourself. You'll start to realize quickly that research gives you at least as much info as everyone else who sells private lessons. Then you'll understand why I won't teach you to be a witch. If you are an adult, try networking with a reliable circle or other group that has a good reputation for being grounded. Ask questions at trusted local New Age or occult stores if possible. Always exercise caution when meeting people in person.

  5. I am underage. Will you help me become a witch, send me spells or just talk to me?

    No. We will never respond to kids who ask questions. NEVER. If you are serious about paganism: read. Read everything you can get your hands on. It will help you weed out the liars and psychos you'll come into contact with when come of age and are ready to start networking. Don't talk to strangers about wicca, witchcraft or paganism while you are underage, even strangers with big shiny websites. They probably have an agenda that has nothing to do with helping you learn witchcraft. Best case scenario, your parents could have a decent person arrested just for trying to help you. Do you really want that? Worst case scenario: You could get yourself killed by the 1 in 3 people who will respond to you. Yes, that is the ratio of psychos to decent people who respond to kids' emails. Decent people know that kids shouldn't be talking to strangers on the Internet. Most decent people won't encourage you by replying.

  6. I tried a spell on your site and it didn't work. Will you walk me through it until it works?

    No. I'm sorry, but, all information on this site is listed for educational and entertainment purposes only.

  7. I noticed an occult-related Adult site on your page that I just don't approve of.

    Occult 100 caters to all faiths and that includes tantra and other forms of sacred sexuality. Your definition of sacred sexuality will likely differ from a goth, vamp, or Satanist (unless, of course, you are a goth, vamp, or Satanist). Only the Occult 100 staff can decide if a site is appropriate for the list. However, if you run across a common porn site on the list that you feel was either added by accident added to take advantage of the site's traffic without offering any occult, new age, pagan or other fantasy related themes, please let us know. People like this take advantage of all of us and will be removed immediately.

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