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Signs of Psychic Energy

Psychic energy is not psychic ability, but it is a start. Sadly, the people with the greatest stores of psychic energy have no idea how to channel and utilize it. Instead they allow it to build up and causes serious mind, body and spirit problems that they cannot explain or resolve on their own. The first thing to do if you suspect you may have an excess of psychic energy is to rule out factors like medical, psychological and dietary (don't forget this one) concerns that may be causing the problems rather than resulting from some psychic source. Once you have ruled out or at least dealt with medical and psychological issues first, then you are ready to move on to grounding and channeling techniques to make use of your energy and prevent further problems from resulting. This energy can be used. You just have to know how to use it.

  • Anxiety that arises without cause. Seems to be more prevalent when surrounded by large numbers of people, especially in cities, hospitals and aging buildings. May seem to resolve when you are outside in nature.

  • A keen awareness of ocular after-images resulting in aura-like flame images surrounding people and objects.

  • High empathy with the feelings and troubles of others. Inability to separate from the pain of others. A feeling that is it your problem as much as it is theirs.

  • Ability to be easily hypnotized.

  • Sudden and medically unexplained changes in energy level.

  • Being present for many unexplained electrical disturbances such as machines suddenly that won't work or function differently because when you are present.

  • Vibrational and earthquake-like shaking sensations. Also feelings--when standing suddenly--like sand falling over your skin.

  • Cold or warm sensations in the feet and hands.

  • Being present for many arguments that you have not instigated and have no involvement in.

  • Incidents of precognition.

  • Headaches.

  • Unexplained physical illness, especially auto-immune diseases.

  • Out-of-Body and Astral Projection experiences. Seeing the body clearly as though from a distance or as though floating above it with clarity beyond what is expected of the dream state.

  • Roaring noises in the ears or inability to tolerate the "loudness" of absolute silence--also referred to as Brownian Movement.

  • Highly vivid or unusually lucid dreams.

  • Tendency towards addictive behaviors and the need to escape something unknown.

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