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Those who were killed during the Salem Witch Trials will forever be linked with the concept of intolerance, mass hysteria and hatred of non-xtian spiritual beliefs despite the fact that few (if any) of those who died were actually witches, faith-healers or non-xtians. Those who lost their lives during this terrifying time died as follows:

  • The Martyrs of the Salem Witch Trials
    Nineteen accused witches were hanged from June 10 through September22 on Gallows Hill in 1692. The dates are listed below:

    June 10
    Bridget Bishop

    July 19
    Rebecca Nurse
    Sarah Good
    Susannah Martin
    Elizabeth Howe
    Sarah Wildes

    August 19
    George Burroughs
    Martha Carrier
    John Willard
    George Jacobs, Sr.
    John Proctor

    September 22
    Martha Corey
    Mary Eastey
    Ann Pudeator
    Alice Parker
    Mary Parker
    Wilmott Redd
    Margaret Scott
    Samuel Wardwell

    One if the accused was pressed to death on September 19 when he failed to plead guilty or not guilty:

    Giles Corey

    Other accused witches died in prison:

    Sarah Osborn
    Roger Toothaker
    Lyndia Dustin
    Ann Foster

    As many as 13 others may have died in prison.

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