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Ritual of Blessing

Preparation Suggestions:

  • Perform this ritual on the Waxing Moon just before it sets in the sky, preferably when the moon is traveling through the astrological signs of LEO or AQUARIUS.

  • Be sure to Ground & Center before you begin.

Stand before a calm lake, pond or other pool of water and select a handful of 13 stones from the ground. Charge them between your two hands until they are warm and strong with your personal energy. Next holding the stones in your left (receptive) hand, pass your right (projective) hand over them and recite the following:

These Stones of Time
Thy Boons Bestow
And Blessings Grant
To Ever Grow

Inhale deeply of Nature's air and exhale over the stones. Cast them into the waters and watch as they create ripples in the surface of the water. Allow your mind to clear so that you no longer think about the purpose of the ritual, but only of the spreading of the ripples. Chant the following under your breath until the water is calm and smooth once again:


Repeat this ritual whenever you are near a pool of water, but only during the waxing phase of the moon.

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