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Witchcraft, Magick & Psychic Abilities

What is the connection between psychic ability and magick?

Does being psychic automatically make you a witch or magician?

Can you be a witch or magician if you have no psychic talents?

These are topics, which are rarely broached among the occult community. While investigations into magick and psychic ability are often classified under the same heading, they are not identical and should not be viewed as such. Differences do exist between them.

Both witchcraft and magick are practices that involve the manipulation of natural energies through premeditated rituals or spells. These practices can also be associated with religion whereas psychic ability usually is associated more with science and the expanding biological resources of the human body.

A deep investigation of the forces that facilitate psychic ability may one day uncover patterns similar to those, which make witchcraft and magick possible. Until then, psychic ability and magick are considered separate by the simple distinction that science only has proof that one exists. Magick, which has no scientific evidence to support it is still considered by most researchers to belong solely to the realm of myth and legend. As we pass over into the new millennium, we will no doubt see a radical change in the scientific community's view of magick as new research provides additional evidence to support it (attitudes concerning psychic ability changed for the same reason).

Another difference between psychic ability and magick is that psychic ability almost always involves immediate results. Examples include, picking the correct card from many laid out in front of you or moving a tea cup a few inches across a table by the sheer force of your will. Examples of delayed results exist as well, but for the most part, psychic abilities yield faster, results than magick or witchcraft. The results are objective, not subjective as with witchcraft or magick.

Witchcraft and magick, on the other hand, usually involve an individual "mailing" his or her intent into the universe/void/unconscious/etc. through the use of spells and rituals. If the action is successful, the result manifests itself in reality sometime later. Only rarely are spells expected to yield immediate results.

Furthermore, psychic ability through clairvoyance, clairaudience, telekinesis, telepathy, and mental dominance, is rarely thought to be associated (at least by scientists) with spiritual influences. The ability instead is thought to originate within the individual. Conversely, one third of the magickal and witchcraft practices do involve spiritual assistance, through a practice known as Spirit Magick (the other two branches being Will or Mental Magick and Natural Magick).

People involved in the occult often see psychic ability as the purest form of magickal practice because it involves no preparation. Individuals simply will things to manifest or become apparent to them and somehow (whether consciously or unconsciously) they do.

This might seem to indicate that all psychics are just really good magicians or witches. However, this is not entirely true.

Being psychic does not necessarily mean an individual is in tune with natural energies or their own destiny (one way or another, this is the goal of the accomplished magician or witch). Without focusing too deeply on religion, we have to consider that the slow and often unrewarding process of learning and waiting for spells/rituals to manifest, allows us to learn about ourselves and our destinies. Our destiny may be nothing more than to enjoy life. That is fine. As long as we learn our place in the world and how our interests can benefit us and others, we are on the right track.

Of course it certainly helps to be psychic! In fact being born psychic in a family of witches might gain you that title of "natural witch". The practice of magick or witchcraft may come easier to you. You may seem born for it. However, you don't have to be psychic in order to be a witch or magician. No inherent talent is necessary to take up the study of magick witchcraft and likewise hereditary witchcraft does not ensure that you will be psychic.

Being psychic is like being good at basketball. You might come out of the womb dribbling or you may require lessons, but eventually you will figure it out. Some theories extend to the idea that our psychic abilities help to indicate how far up on the evolutionary ladder we have risen or how many lives we have gone through before reaching our present incarnation (life). Again, these are just theories. There is no proof a highly psychic person has lived many lives before their present life anymore than there is proof that a poorly psychic person in only on their first or second incarnation.

One point that is clear is that improving one's abilities as a witch or magician can have a definite impact on the degree of psychic ability he or she possesses. Indeed, your own attunement with the forces of nature will undoubtedly increase your psychic abilities beyond any you could have accomplished through traditional scientific methods alone.

Furthermore, the branch or branches of magick you choose to pursue (Mental, Spiritual, Natural Magick or all three) will not affect how quickly or strongly your abilities will grow. Harmony with nature comes just as quickly with all the branches (though you will probably see greater improvements after you have experimented with all three). Likewise, no magickal tradition or style of practice is superior to any other in improving your psychic abilities. You have only to choose the path that appeals to you most.

While a wide gulf may exist between magick/witchcraft and psychic abilities in the eyes of science, we shall no doubt see a narrowing of the waters as researchers learn what occultists have been saying for thousands of years.

The whole of the universe is identically reflected in the smallest fraction of matter, as the microsm (the smallest part of the universe from a single human being to a single electron) is identical to the macrosm (the universe as a whole).

As above, so below.

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