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Numerology in Magick

Numerology is the study of the cosmic significance behind numbers. It can be used to divine the future for an individual but it can also be used in magick to create changes in accordance with one's will.

The study of numbers is as old as time itself. There are even some scholars that believe the words in the bible were chosen because they coordinated with a complicated Kabbalistic numerical system that served as a calendar. To those who understand the principles, this calendar has foretold the many of the world's events with surprising accuracy...all through the language of numbers.

From my own experience, I have personally found numerology to be highly valuable in adding to the success of ritual magick. For this reason, I strongly urge all Witches and Magicians to consider numerical values before beginning any magickal working. Even the slightest alignment of a ritual intent with the correct numerical value will increase the likelihood of success.

Different ways you can increase a spell or ritual's effectiveness with Numerology:

Coordinate your specific purpose according to the appropriate numerical values listed below. For example:

  1. Candle Magick: Vary the number of candles according to your ritual intention.

  2. Begin or end your ritual on specific times of the day, month, week, or year.

  3. Cord Magick: Vary the number of knots you make in a cord to make a Witch's Ladder. (The ancient ancestor of the Catholic Rosary)

  4. Vary the number of days you perform your ritual according to your ritual purpose.

  5. Vary the number of times you chant an incantation according to your ritual purpose.

  6. Choose a day to begin or end a spell that is a certain number of days before or after the Full (or New) Moon.

  7. Use a certain number of drops of oil to anoint a candle or ritual tool before a working.


Numerical Values and Their Use in Magick

Inspiration, New Beginnings, Inner Needs or Desires, New Loves, First Dates, Childbirth, Beginning a New Business Venture, Transformations.
Self-centeredness, Single-mindedness, Willfulness, Unwanted Pregnancies, Secrets, Unexpected Problems.
Thoughts or Knowledge Channeled from One Being to Another (Divination, Necromancy, Speaking with the Dead), Patience with the Faults of Others, Understanding Other's Ideas in Order To Connect, Sharing, Love or Sex Magick, Reunions, Communications.
Impatient or Intolerant Beliefs, Over-extending Oneself for Another Individual, Arguments, Deception, Obsessive Thoughts and Behaviors Towards Other Individuals, One-night Stands, Fleeting Romances.
Anything That Requires an Open Mind, Creativity or Creative Energy Including Inspiration for Art, Writing, Music, Dance, etc as Well as Diplomacy and Accepting Ideas that Differ from Your Own.
Uncertainty, Scattered Energies in Work or Relationships, Over-extending Oneself for Many People or Ventures, Love Triangles, Infidelity, Worry.
Stability and Solidarity on Which Strong Foundations Can Be Built, Marriage, Practical and Organized Plans, Good Supplies of Money, Food, Necessities and Luxuries, Consistent and Stable Growth Such as Is Found With: Marriage, Family, Balanced Intellectual and Emotional Thinking, Finances, Decent Values, Good Health and Recovery.
Dragging One's Heals, Opposition, Inability to Consider Alternatives or Other Points of View, Facing Limitations, Stifling or Fixed Beliefs or Situations, Stubbornness, Closed-Mindedness.
Moving Between Material and Spiritual Worlds in Search of Balance and Inner Peace. Any Type of Challenge that Brings Out an Individual's Best, Change, New Opportunities, New and Different Ways of Thinking, Wander Lust, Sudden Improvements in Health Conditions, Curiosity, Travel for Business or Pleasure, Changing One's Residence or Place of Business, Changing One's Mind, Beliefs or Values, Giving or Receiving Money or Other Valuable Items.
Inability to Settle Down, Running Away from Problems, Divorce, Familial or Romantic Break-Ups, Moving Away or Pushing Away Friends or Loved Ones, Fear of Change, Leaping Before Looking, Over-concern with Failure, Restlessness, Losing Money, Sudden Declines In Health Conditions, Inability to Make Up One's Mind or Settle on a Single Decision.
Peace, Harmony, Balance in Finances and Relationships, Compassion for Others, Understanding, Consideration, Concern, Care, Ability to Overcome Hardships, Karma, Reaping the Rewards of What You Have Sown, Compromising, Receiving Repayment for Debts Owed to You, Intuitive and Psychic Abilities.
Paying for Crimes, Punishment, Being Forced to Return Borrowed Money, Stagnation in Relationships or Business, Unemployment, Lack of Change in Business, Finances, or Interpersonal Relationships, Illness or Death Following Poor Lifestyle Choices.
Faith, Spirituality, Inner Challenges that Result in Spiritual Growth and Development, Meditation, Attaining Spiritual Evolution and Victory Through Understanding, Self-Discovery, Knowledge, Wisdom.
Fear, Lack of Faith, Events or Attitudes that Cause Skepticism, Self-Doubt or Spiritual Re-evaluation, Ignorance, Resistance to Knowledge and Wisdom, Resistance to Belief in Religion, Deities or an Afterlife Self-Defeating Behaviors or Attitudes.
Charisma, Charm, Power Over Individuals and Groups, Mental Power, Power in Love, Business and Finances; Success in Work, Financial Freedom and Control; Overcoming Limitations and Obstacles; Success and Maintaining Good Health; Faith in One's Abilities.
Short Tempers and High Emotions, Abusing One's Abilities for Selfish Ends, Allowing Power to Corrupt.
Completion, Difficult or Complicated Phases Coming to an End, Doors Closing While New Ones Open, Final Stages of a Cycle, Fulfillment, Releasing Old Values or Concerns, Making Room for New Ideas or Relationships. Letting Go of Non-productive Priorities.
Emotional or Financial Loss, Disappointment, Death, Decline in Health, Money Tied Up in Investments, Divorce, Separations from Family and Friends.
Success, Many Financial Investments Paying Off, Many People Coming Together for Parties, Weddings, Holidays, Social Gatherings or Other Happy Occasions, A Large Supply of Money, Food, Necessities or Luxuries.
Too Many Commitments, People Coming Together for Funerals, Excess, Too Much of a Good Thing, Energies Scattered in Too Many Directions to Be Productive.

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