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Native Americans and witches throughout Europe were known to carry special pouches filled with unique items such as stones, herbs, animal feathers, hair, bones and claws. The objects were chosen for their hidden natural powers. Those with no powers were infused through ritual workings and then carried to attract positive energy and repel negative energy. They were also expected to affect the root psychic causes of illnesses and thereby eliminate them.

  • Directions for Making a Medicine Bag

    Take pieces of any of the following materials (leather, silk, cotton, wool, heavy leaves--anything created from a natural material) and cut them into strips of about 8 inches wide by 18 inches tall.

    illness  herb  flower  stone/crystal  metal  color  scent 
    Insomnia, Malignant Growth, Inflamation  Rosemary  Poppy  Amethyst  Zinc  Purple  Lavender 
    Arthritis, Exhaustion, Heart Problems, Depression  Yucca, Heal-All  Rose  Ruby  Bronze  Red  Mint 
    Plague, Weakness, Heart-break  Goats Rue  Sunflower  Jade  Nickel  Warm-Red  Mugwort 
    Stagnation, Diseases of the Blood  Aloe  Carnation  Opal  Aluminum  Green-Yellow  Garlic 
    Lung & Breathing Problems  Lung Wort  Geranium  Pearl  Silver  Light Brown  Lily 
    Infection, Venereal Disease  Hydrangea  Hydrangea  Diamond  Gold  Cool-Red  Sandalwood 
    Neurological Disorders  Blackberry Leaf  Yellow Dock  Agate  Quick Silver  Maroon  Spice 
    Fits, Rages and Possession  Myrrh  Sandalwood  Light Blue  Silverewter  Light Violet  Frankincense 
    Fevers  Wintergreen  Heather  Green  Copper  Emerald  Eucalyptus 



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