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Elemental Focus in Magick

Elemental forces are used in magick for their raw primal energy and because they coincide so well with psychological archetypes. They reflect an age old system of dividing and harnessing the powers of nature for practical purposes. Since elemental forces are often times dangerous in their pure forms (example: fire), we need to use physical representations of these powers as focal points only. Once focused we need to use our powers of creative visualization to raise the elemental energy within ourselves and direct it towards some goal. This can seem difficult to the new student of magick, but as with all techniques, practice can easily dispel our fears. However, before beginning, you should choose some suitable physical representations to serve as focal points. Some good examples include: a candle for fire, a dish of liquid for water, some combustible incense (stick, cone, or powder incense works very well) to represent air and a dish of soil or salt to represent earth. Actually, you probably won't always need to depend on physical representations once you have more experience with this system of invocation and the visualizations that need to accompany it. In the beginning however, feel free to meditate and really study the properties (the feel, the smell, the sound and the look) of your physical focal points. For example, running your hand through a pool of water gives you the sensation that it is wet and has a far thicker consistency than when you pass your hand through plain air. Passing your hand through the rising tendrils of smoke from an incense stick gives you little sensation on your fingers, but the smoke curls close around your fingers before drifting away and vanishing into the surrounding air. These experiences should be locked in your mind so that you can easily conjure them in your mind at the drop of a hat. Once you have your visualizations, you can apply the energy to practical goals.

Consider these ideas when trying to raise elemental energy. Use what works best for you.


Trees, Dirt, Crystals, North, Hearth, Home, Salt, Dust, Midnight, The Mammal Kingdom, the Colors: Black and Purple, Warm Moist Soil, Winter, the Pentacle, Plants, Herbs, The Waning Crescent Moon.


Birds, Flight, Tornadoes, Cold Sensations, Smoke, Winds, Curiosity, Mist, Clouds, Fog, Imagination, Ideas, The Colors: White, Blue and Green, Spring, Bells, Open-Mindedness, The New Moon.


Snakes, Serpents, Dragons, Noon, South, Lions, Rapid Change, Bon Fires, Volcanoes, The Sun, Passion, Light, Desire, Conflict, Power, The Colors: White and Gold, The First Spark of Life, Warmth, Summer, Heat, Destruction and Creation, Strength, The Phoenix, The Waxing Gibbous Moon.


Cleansing, West, Mirrors, Rivers, Seas, Lakes, Mermaids, Fish, Swimming, The Song of the Whale, Secrets, Rain Showers, Autumn, Hurricanes, Dusk, Hands-On Healing, Dolphins, The Colors: White, Green and Gray, Pearls, Snow, The Full Moon.

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