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An object or location can be "deconsecrated" if the witch so desires to return it to mundane matter. Some reasons witches return matter to its original state include any of the following: the object will be out of their hands and they don't know who will come into contact with it; the witch will be leaving a previously consecrated location and does not want the area to be a gateway for energy with non-witches who would misuse or be unduly influenced by it; the witch plans to give the ritual tool to another who may want to put his or her own consecration on it. Another valid reason for deconsecrating an object is because you leave a strong vibrational signature on it unless you consciously remove it. Granted any object you work closely with will retain a small amount of your energy on it and can be "read" by an experienced psychometrist. However, ritually charged or consecrated objects leave a signature so strong even average people with little or no psychic ability can pick up information about you. Thus, deconsecration is encouraged when the above situations are anticipated--even if you put no conscious consecration on your tools. Even if you do not use consecration rituals, you should use deconsecration rituals because the unconscious mind may automatically place energy on an object, but it is less likely to remove it and thus should be removed manually if you will be separated from a ritual object or location or no long wish to use it for ritual purposes.

Deconsecration is far simpler than consecration as no energy needs to be invoked, only halted. To deconsecrate an item or location, simply recite the following or something similar in your own words. Make sure to have both hands on the object, or if you are deconsecrating a location, be sure to have both hands pressed to the ground or raised above your head as you recite the following:

"I deconsecrate this (object) with the powers of the four winds and the spirit which binds them. May the Goddess (or other patron deity) witness the return of this (object) to mundane matter. Exterminata Amicitia Fidelis. Mandatum. As I will it so shall it be."

See "Consecration" for more information on consecrating.

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