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Crowley's Pyramid of Power

The Pyramid of Power was first coined by a magician from the turn of the 20th century named Aleister Crowley. Much of Crowley's work has been studied by various magicians and witches since, not the least of which has been Gerald Gardner, the founder of modern Wicca. These four principles described below illustrate the proper way magick should be approached to advance to higher levels or proficiency and consciousness.

To Know

Knowledge is power. Learning on all levels including physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual should continue indefinitely as one can never learn everything there is to know, though the journey makes us more than we ever dreamed we could be. Be open and respectful to new traditions, ideas and craft practices even if you are very sure you will never use them. Experience might surprise you and the first step to gaining power is to keep an open mind.

To Dare

A foundation of knowledge is where the journey begins, not where it ends. As Einstein was wont to say imagination is more important that knowledge. No one should allow fear to immobilize them from doing what they were born to do. Sometimes you have to let experience be your best teacher. Dare to work your craft even if you don't know everything about it. Confidence is magick in and of itself. Dare to trust yourself, and you will find the way.

To Will

The word "Try" implies the possibility of failure. To someone new to the craft, the possibility of a spell or ritual failing is far greater than the possibility of it working. However, as we grow and experience, the balance shifts as we slowly grow more and more confident of our abilities. If you aspire to achieve the mental state of the adept who sees his or her desires manifesting into reality long before they actually do so, you will find your fears will fade away.

In fact magick never fails just as water that rushes downstream never fails to eventually make its way back to its source in the ocean. It may take awhile, and it may not take the route you expect, but it always completes the cycle nature sets in motion for it. The same is true for all workings of magick. When you set in motion a working of magick by mailing your intentions into the void through a ritual working, they always manifest into reality...somewhere. As you learn more and more about your craft, the predicted results will be easier to see and identify. The trick to magick is understanding what other natural forces (in addition to yourself as you are a part of nature as well) that surround you and your workings. Allow your confidence to benefit from the power of your will. Don't try to do something. Will it into being and nothing can stop you.

Knowledge is the beginning. Daring to trust yourself and try follows, and willing your efforts into being through confidence and determination completes the chain, though the circle does not end here.

To Keep Silent

If you share your knowledge too freely on any subject, you lose that knowledge. Beyond that, you open yourself to the attacks of people who have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Granted, you shouldn't let the ignorance or criticisms of other people stop you, but it does work out that way sometimes doesn't it. In a society where the power of witchcraft is uncommon and therefore unpopular, we each of us need to be especially careful how we share our endeavors and belief systems. Furthermore, even among ourselves we need to recognize that there are things that we cannot share with any and every practitioner of magick that we run into. Remember, others have power the same as you do, and while you might never dream of interfering with their workings just to prove you can does not mean others are not capable of doing it to you.

That does not mean we have to hide ourselves from everyone, but rather we should choose carefully the people we discuss matters of such grave importance with. Craft teachers, students, people who are unlikely to abuse what you share with them and people unlikely to betray your confidence. Of course there is always that magickal part of your soul, the very essence of yourself that need never be discussed. And once that part of you is shared, it can never be unshared.

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