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Many practitioners use the process of consecration for ritual tools or other objects before using them in spell/ritual workings or enchantments. Consecration is another word for "blessing" or the imparting of energy on an object. There are many theories regarding consecration that are widely accepted throughout history and the modern world. One belief is that consecrating imbues the tool or object with the energy and even spirit of the person performing the consecration. To fully understand what this means, we have to remember that at all times in our lives, there is a current of energy surrounding us. Most ritual tools are intended to direct this energy and cannot effectively do this unless they are stripped of their mundane energies and recharged with the purified energy the caster intends.

The usage of consecration, while growing in practice, however is not universal or required. Many traditions of witchcraft do not employ consecration in their rituals, and this is entirely acceptable. Some practitioners avoid consecrating their tools because they don't feel they need to. In their view, their energy is directed by them into their tools without ritual act, and actually going through the motions of consecrating would disrupt their natural energy flow. This is an interesting point for many witches to understand--the difference between conscious and unconscious energy direction. In short, if a witch feels consecrating his/her tools or ritual objects is necessary, then it is. Some witches may choose to use it with some rituals but not others. As with so many other areas of the craft, it is up to the individual.

How to Consecrate:

There are many methods of consecration, and you should adapt this method (and any other methods you find) to your own style or tradition. Most methods of consecration involve at least two of the three forms of magick: Natural Magick (through salt, water, rose oil or petals) and Mental Magick (through conscious energy direction). For completeness, the below method will also include the third method of magick (Spiritual Magick) as well in step #5. You can adapt this final section or leave it out entirely if you wish.

1. First anoint the tool or object with holy water (sea salt, rain water and a few drops of rose or sandalwood oil) and recite the following:

Aqua, Ego Excito Ele

2. Next pass the tool or object over the flame of a white candle and recite the following:

Ignem, Ego Excito Ele

3. Pass the tool or object over the rising smoke of a sage smudge stick and recite the following:

Ventus, Ego Excito Ele

4. Pass the tool or object over the rising smoke of frankincense & myrrh resin incense (burned over a charcoal disc placed in a heat proof container filled halfway with sand or soil) and recite the following:

Terra, Ego Excito Ele

5. Hold the object in both hands and recite the following 7 times:

"I consecrate this (object) with the powers of the four winds and the spirit which binds them. May the Goddess (or other patron deity) witness this hallowing of common matter. In my (or our--for coven/circle work) hands alone shall it serve to weave and sever the cords of time. As I will it so shall it be."

Simplified versions of consecration rituals are equally effective and again, are determined by the personal style of the witch. Feel free to use which ever form appeals to you most.

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