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Cone of Power

The Cone of Power is a visualization many witches and magicians use to raise energy from their environment for practical uses. In fact, the pointed hats worn by witches and wizards in fairy tales are actually based on historic record. The hat was meant to symbolize the direction of their energy currents. This symbol is highly significant and can greatly improve ritual workings when employed properly. Other spell functions or ritual actions should be performed before this Cone of Power Ritual with it being used as a final catapult for the spell.

To begin, stand and imagine that you are standing inside a large circle (about the three feet wide). The larger the circle, the greater the power you will raise, but remember, it is more difficult to clearly envision a 13 foot circle than it is to envision a circle three feet wide.

  • Next imagine that the circle begins rotating in place around you.

  • The circle begins to glow as though getting hot from rubbing the ground around your feet.

  • Turn your body in place in the same direction as circle for a full minute.

  • Watch the world spin around you--this is important.

  • Close your eyes (first) and then stop.

Imagine now that whatever energy drove the circle to turn against the ground has burnt through it and now is turning the ground inside the circle (as you stand on it). Imagining the world turning around you should be easy after spinning in place. Imagine the world turning around you as smoke rises from the burnt circle on which you imagine yourself standing. Imagine the smoke swirling around you, up to eye level and then over your head until it reaches and meets at a single point directly above your head. Imagine the smoke moving faster, picking up speed. Allow it to speed up until you feel the need for release of the emotional tension. At this point you can recite final spell incantations to manifest your desires into reality. This spell utilizes the energy of nature and should preferably be done outdoors, but inside will suffice if there is no other alternative.

Always ground excess energy after performing this ritual.

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