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Candle Magick Basics

Preparation for candle magick can be tricky at first, but its quite frankly one of the easiest forms of magickal practice and can provide amazing results. A few basic ideas can help virtually anyone get started:

  1. Choose the right candle color. See Colors to determine which color will work best for your need.

  2. Choose the right candle shape. See Figure Candles to determine which candle shape will work best for your need. Standard pillar and taper candles will work with almost any spell, but sometimes you want that extra push of energy and this is where a shaped candle is helpful.

  3. Choose the right anointing oil. See Herbs and Oils and Flowers to determine which oils will work best for your need.

  4. In abbreviated form, carve your ritual intent into your candle. This can be done in English or in any of the Magickal Languages if you wish to add potency to your spell.

  5. Anoint your candle using the following method or one of your own that you feel will effectively impart your energy and the energy of the oil into the candle

    • Rub the oil along the base of the candle beginning with the center and moving upward first and then downward while chanting the following:

      "This wax be charged with the fuel I feed
      and manifest my fated need."

    • You can also rub in a deosil or widdershins direction beginning with the wick end and moving downward before rubbing in a spiral direction back up to the beginning:

  6. Light the candle while reciting your final incantations or some incantation to commence the energy transference. Most theories suggest that YOU as the caster supply the preliminary energy to get the spell working and then nature takes over.

  7. Remember to factor in time considerations for burning your candle. If your spell (or instincts) call for burning the candle down in a single session then don't choose a 16" tall 8" wide pillar candle that will take a month to burn down. 1/2" spell candles burn down fast and rarely drip so you won't have a mess to deal with. Rushlights (candles hand dipped only a few times so they are more wick than wax) burn down very fast. Some candle spells call for burning a little of the candle (usually for an hour or less) each night for several nights (some as long as the whole lunar cycle) so take care in this case not to use a candle that will burn too quickly.

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