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Ritual to Call the Corners

Preparation Suggestions:

  • Place Four White Candles at the Cardinal Directions of a 4 to 6 Ft Circle.
  • Circle Casting Ritual
  • Grounding & Centering
  • Light Incense
  • Start Music

Once the Circle has been cast, light each of the four candles as you recite the following for each cardinal direction:

Ignem, Ego Excito Ele -- South (or East) Fire
Ventus, Ego Excito Ele -- East (or North) Air
Aqua, Ego Excito Ele -- West (or West) Water
Terra, Ego Excito Ele -- North (or South) Earth

The above incantations are listed corresponding to the most common element-direction connections. However, listed in parentheses is the second most common correspondence among witches. Use whichever system has the most meaning for you, or if your tradition has another system for aligning the elements with the directions, then feel free to use that system. There is no wrong way.

When you have finished your ritual work and wish to dispatch the elements, you can do so by extinguishing each of the candles. Recite the following as you do so:

Exterminata Amicitia Fidelis. Mandatum.

Close your Circle as usual.

Note: The above listings for the cardinal directions have variations for what direction corresponds to what element. The first direction outside the parentheses is the Wiccan correspondence and most common. The second direction, the one listed in the parentheses is the Celtic, Gaelic correspondence. Use what works best for you. For more information on the Celtic/Gaelic correspondence, refer to the Airts.

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