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Black vs White Magick

Magick is energy.

Energy is neither good nor bad though it is either positively, negatively or neutrally charged. Contrary to popular belief, positive or negative polarity has nothing to with "good" or "bad" either. This is just the type of energy. For this reason, witchcraft and magick in themselves cannot be white or black.

The only real determinant of results in magick is the intentions of the caster. If the caster means to help anyone, then the working is loosely defined as white magick. If the caster intends to harm anyone, then the working is loosely defined as black magick. However, in between these two extremes lies the largest and most commonly seen form of magick. This is the magick that comes about when the caster intends to help one person at the expense or harm of another. Such workings are called gray magick. These designations are all loose representations of magickal workings because sometimes bad results come from good intentions.

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