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Skeptics have insisted on many occasions that anyone who can see an aura must have bad eyesight. This, of course, is inaccurate. Energy currents have been proven in many studies and are accepted as fact in many cultures around the world. It is only here in the west that we have come to see as real only what we have already proven. But science of electricity was not a fantasy before Edison invented the light bulb. It was just beyond our scope of understanding. So are auras beyond most people. Just because everyone can't an aura, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. The wind is invisible but it does exist.

Do you imagine that we see the hundred thousandth part of what exists? Consider, for example, the wind. The wind whistles, groans, bellows, sometimes even kills. Have you seen it?

--Guy de Maupassant, The Horla

An Aura is a field of energy surrounding every living thing including people, plants, animals and even some inanimate objects that have picked up energy from their environment or the living creatures in it. Many people see auras most easily in dim light. They appears to the eye and to special cameras as a field of colored light that differs for each individual. Also, the aura of a creature can change throughout the day as energy levels and mood change. The different colors indicate many things about the individual. Current health, emotions, stress and personality are all clearly marked on a person's body through this unique field of energy. There are many auric readers who can help a person determine problems with their health, deep-seeded psychological issues that clients are unaware of as well as other challenges that they face.

Reading auras is not so easy that you should expect to do it the first time you try. This incorrect assumption is part of the reason why so many people are skeptical of auric readings and Kirilian Photography. From the vantage point of many readers there are at least 6 types of auras which exist on separate planes of existence: ETHERIC (Physical), MENTAL (Emotional), ASTRAL (Spiritual). The etheric body of your aura is the easiest to see. This is usually what first-time readers see.

To begin, sit in low light (not darkness). Dusk or dawn are both perfect times. Relax your eyes and allow your mind to wander to calm thoughts. Try to focus on happy memories from your past rather than things you have to get done in the present time. This will inhibit your mind's ability to open to this different way of seeing.

When your mind is calm, look at your hand. If you can't see a halo of colored light around your skin, don't assume you will never be able to see it. Instead imagine a force field of colors extending a few inches around your skin, like a second skin. Turn your hand over and imagine the force field in three dimensions. You are not kidding yourself by doing this imagining exercise. You are training your mind to accept what it is not used to seeing. Low light is essential to seeing auras for the same reason that night time is essential to seeing the moon in the sky. If too much light from the sun is present, it blinds us to the moon's presence. So too does an aura become invisible in too much light.

In time and with practice (probably when you least expect it) you will see an aura on yourself or someone else. Once this happens, you are ready to interpret what you see. Consider the following colors when studying the aura of a living or non-living thing:

  • Black

    Current Illness, Suffering from a Curse, Hex or Spirit Possession, Engendering Strong Negative Feelings Such as Hatred, Angry, Confused, Destructive to Self and Others, In Mourning, Experiencing a Grave Loss, Excessively Abstinent, Absorbing Too Much Energy, May Qualify as a Psychic Vampire from Leeching Energy from Others.

  • Blue

    Truthful, Peaceful, Communicative, Tranquil, Adept with Dream Magick, Prophetic, Friendly, Protective, Hopeful.

  • Dark Blue

    Impulsive, Meditative, Depressed at Times, Capable of Deep Meditations, Strong Capability for Astral Work, Changeable and Mobile.

  • Light Blue

    Peaceful, Friendly, Patience, Tranquil, Good Listener, Communicator and Understanding of Others, Can Be Too Introverted.

  • Brown

    Strong Connection to Nature, Uncertainty, Strong Connected to Animal, Currently Grounding Energy that is No Longer Useful, Strong Affinity to the Home, Ability to Locate Lost Objects, Tendency to Hesitate.

  • Gold

    High Yang Energy, Attractive, Persuasive to Others, Confident, Charming, Wealthy, Powerful, Capable of Increasing Whatever They Wish, High Spirituality.

  • Gray

    Neutral Energy, Sign of Stagnation, Sign of Impending Ill Health. Client may also be currently Grounding and/or Deflecting Negative Energy, Possession or Psychic Attack from Another Person or Spirit.

  • Green

    Strong Connection to Nature, Successful, Inner Beauty, Fertile, Healthy, Financially Sound, Prosperous, Strong Yang Energy, Rejuvenating to Self and Others.

  • Orange

    Successful, Creative, Lucky, Attractive to Others, Socially Stable, Adaptability to Many Different Environments, Stimulating, Healthy, Capable of Giving Off Healing Energy.

  • Pink

    Loving, A Good Friend to Others, Romantic, Faithful, Honorable, Strong Yin Energy, Decency, Moral.

  • Purple

    Psychically Capable from Birth, Wise, Connected to or Aware of Spirits, Independence, Strong Capability with Divination, Spiritually Evolved, Rich in Psychic Power, Healthy, Strong Yin Energy.

  • Red

    Lustful, Powerful, Vital, Strong, Courageous, High Yang Energy, Potent Physically, Healthy, Energetic, Emotional, Magnetic, Willful, Vigorous.

  • Silver

    Stabilized Soul, Psychically Protected, Angelic or Spiritually Bound to a Powerful Entity, Protected from Supernatural and Psychic Entities.

  • White

    Pure in Spirit, Truthful, At Peace Within Oneself, Protected, Connected to High Spirits or Angels, Healthy, Sincere, Spiritual.

  • Yellow

    Charm, Confidence, Persuasion, Energy, Attraction, Jealously, Wisdom, Visions, Psychic Powers, Mental Magick and Comprehension.


1. Birth links us closely with the body, mind and auras of our mothers. The general consensus among experts is that this auric bond remains between a mother and her child for seven to ten years. Mothers need to keep this tangible connection in mind when allowing unnecessary separations from their children. The children (as well as the mother) will experience an energy drain as a result of long periods apart. The same can be true with fathers as well, however the time a child spends in the womb, feeding of its mother's auric energy creates a bond that can be more damaging if broken too soon.

2. Negative emotions such as anger, resentment, jealousy may seem to be invisible from the outside world, but these emotions are not hidden from everyone. To people gifted with auric reading skills, your emotions might as well be a stain on your shirt. Take caution to keep negative thoughts from over-coming you. They may not be as harmless as you think.

3. When spending time with certain people, you may recall having been drained by the time you finally part. This can happen at work, at a party, on a bus or plane. It can happen with a loved one or even with a total stranger with whom you've never spoken. This is called psychic vampirism. It has nothing to do with the mythical Dracula-style vampire character. It means that someone is sucking energy in rather than releasing or trading it equitably. This is bad because the individual is likely addicted to other people's energy while unable to share in a stable relationship. Symptoms of this phenomenon are a feeling of oppression, depression, melancholy, fear or general discomfort. You can deflect the leech attempts by imagining a porous shield around yourself. You can also imagine a mirror to reflect their intrusive energy back at them or you can use the old stand by: imagine a field of white light radiating out of yourself. White energy is not well used by all psychic vampires, though a few can tolerate it long enough to invade your space and steal energy from you. Physically, you can also take the following steps when you are around a psychic "leech": sit with your hands folded, clasp your own hands together or simply cross your arms. Be sure to keep both feet flat on the ground so that you are making contact with the earth. Even if there is carpet or some other surface between you and the soil, you will still be able to feed your energy into the earth. In this position, the leech can't steal from your energy stores. This posture creates a closed circuit between you and the earth. Your energy can only move through you and back to its source. The leech is thus, shut out.

4. Look not only to interpret the colors you see but the ones you don't see. If you are missing the color red, then perhaps you need to improve your health, confidence or zest for life. Learn the colors of the Chakras and strengthen the positions that correspond to the missing colors with the instructions provided. A balanced aura is one that has as many colors as possible. Do your best to have a well-rounded aura to ensure a balanced body, mind and soul.

5. When seen in full around a person's whole body, the aura should appear almost like an egg. Breaks, misshapen spots, tears or other flaws can indicate inner emotional, mental, physical or spiritual despair or health problems. Look for gray or black areas that cover certain parts of your body. This will help you learn of hidden or not so hidden illnesses.

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