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Animal totems are useful for all types of Animal Magick as well as Spirit Familiar Magick.


Creation/destruction, birth/death, beginning of a new period and the death of the old, knowledge is transformed by a new level of growth, hidden wisdom awaits.


Heightened psychic ability, may need to insulate yourself or come out of hiding, adaptability, strong sense of smell, new opportunities can be seen.


Sense of community, social structures, industriousness. Are you working together as a whole? Are you adding new things to life in some way? Do you have patience to endure?


Protection and how to use it, sensitivity to others attacks either real or imagined, learn to trust what you feel with others, new birth coming - shows how to deal with it.


Patience, humility, wisdom to know when to use it, outer recognition of inner potentials, move with the flow, don't be content and complacent, enjoy the road to the goal.


Keeper of stories, write things down, sees beneath the surface of all things and people, including herbs and roots, chances to develop self expression and reliance, new chapter in your life.


Initiation, rebirth, changes are taking place which are blessings, facing facts in ones life, fears are always beneficial, trust instincts, soon you will see the world with a new perspective.


Sub/Unconscious mind, strength, grounding, inner energy of soul to find answers, judgments, inner power to taste the honey of life.


teaches lessons of breath for health, emotions, builder of dreams, teamwork, time of action to build upon those long awaited dreams, may mean to go forth with plans.


transformation, metamorphosis, protective quality, changes in life, examine eating habits, which stages of development egg/larva/pupa/adult time to "fly" or walk in life?


Busiest and most useful of insects, Examine your own productivity in life (mentally, physically, spiritually) Are you reaping the honey of life by your dreams and opportunities?


Abundance, incorporates our own efforts to embrace and hold life, burdens and rewards are carried, keep self well grounded, follow the easiest path, don't use force in areas of life, flow with it.


Learning to be alone but not lonely, keep confidences of those around you, able to turn on/off creative forces in life, look for what is hidden on all levels, trust your senses.


Fertility of thoughts, ideas, possessions, makes the mundane and earthy more fertile, new ideas need to be expressed, teaches stability w/o stubbornness, assert feminine energies for balance


Major transformations, outcome is different than expected. Symbol of joy, color, lightness, and change in life. Awakens us to dance on the winds of life.


Magic, independence, clever, unpredictable, balance of energies and actions in life, mysteries will unfold in life if a cat has come around


Assertion of growth, take charge, be strong, come unto your own power, leap into opportunities, helps balance when to be gentle and when to assert your energy more forcefully


Wisdom, jokester, having fun, stimulates cooperation and tasks, adaptations, balances knowledge and laughter into teaching, demonstrating and communicating.


Gentleness, love, alertness, camouflage, attention to subtler outside influences, connections to children and people for best interests of all, vision, hearing, smell, helps discern what actions to be done.


Protection, companionship, faithfulness, warnings. Examine the type of dog and what it says about you. What behaviors do you have or would like to have of the dog?


Open new creative dimensions, curiosity, playfulness, breath and water needed for life, needs balancing, shows proper use of sounds and prayers, may need some fresh air to release tensions, newness.


Lightness of body, expression of emotional and mental aspects, fresh air and a new perspective will come soon, allows our inner light to shine through.


Power, strength, warrior, excellent memory, poor eyesight, relies on smell (higher form of discrimination), aromatherapy may help clear of ills and ease tensions, reclaim family ideals.


Nobility, about to hit your stride in life, don't give up, have endurance for the long run, don't neglect the need to relate to others, adjustment of diet needs to be made to have strong energy levels.


Skilled and ingenious, cunning, a new world and creative process opening up, look in between yourself and others (physically, mentally, spiritually), shift awareness to feminine energies for balance.


Transformation, abundance, new waters of life abounds. Are you being bogged down in old ways, drowning in emotions? They can show you how to change the waters in your life.


The neck is the bridge between the realms, farsightedness to see beyond, expression and communication through body language. Teaches balance of sky and earth. One has strong relationships and inner perceptions.


Climbing ability, supporting of others as you move, being flexible in exploring new possibilities, prepare for moves in your life, shows how to achieve the best future by looking up and forward.


New leaps forward in life, trust in your own instincts and rhythms, let inner voice guide you, be bold and move with pride and with great movement.


One gets deep into areas of interests, building, studying and working for 2 years will show results. Dream-time and altered states heightened, death and dying upon re-birthing, metabolic control.


Travel, freedom, persuasiveness, increase clairvoyance, time to move on if you feel stuck, teaches how to go in new directions with freedom and the power to face life.


metamorphosis, growth, socializing too much or not enough, which stage of growth are you in egg/larva/pupa/adult?, time to hibernate ideas/actions, natural defenses too high or too low?


Silent, inconspicuous, strong intuitive abilities (inner instincts), overcoming haunts of the past, renewal of vision, helps in strength of inner demons, leaps about to be made spiritually, mentally and physically.


Secrets of hidden and the unseen, ability to see lies and falsehoods, teaches inner workings of others, careful not to break confidences, people may become uncomfortable around you, trust intuitions.


Magic of life and death, sacred energy is opened, camouflage self, conceal ideas/thoughts/actions until the appropriate time, life is awakening.


Attention to details, fastidious, may be getting too locked into details or may need to see them more closely now, need to focus on where your attention is.


Use of appearances, resting (playing dead), act or behave in strategic manner, appear to fearful or fearless in spite of true feelings, courage to pretend for a while in order to cope.


Playfulness, joy, togetherness, curiosity, awakening, creativity, imagination, love of the young, life can be fun with the right attitude, do something special to awaken the joy in your life.


Symbol for ferocity, valor, time to put to use psychic, mental, physical, spiritual muscles. Strong hearing of other realms, may become sensitive to touch, past suffering will return to transform and confront.


Good-natured, curious, cautious, boldness in actions and words, have recreation time for yourself. Are you aggravating someone or they irritating you? Barbs of resistance. Have strength/kindness.

Prairie Dog:

Sense of community and family, diet of vegetables-regular quantities for health, examines one's own sociability: enough or too much?, expression feelings, responsibilities, look deeply into aspects in of you life.

Praying Mantis:

Power of calmness, stillness, silence, time of meditation, inner reflection, stillness in healing or in creativity, direct the body's energy to empower the body.


movement in life, fertility, sensitive, artistic, plan for possibilities, check what is in motion now, move carefully in work or play, allows for taking advantage of brief chances available.


Dexterity, cleanliness, disguise, explorers, curious, secrecy helps the new transformations take place, be courageous and self-defensive when need to be, socialize.


Social, adaptable, survivalists, drive for success may be too hard or not hard enough, if restless with others it helps to become more adaptable to them and the situations.


Seeking new beginnings, power, strength, agility, great mental activity, curious and imaginative, energy to act upon the mental faculties, trust ability to land safely as new endeavors are made, balance as you climb.


Wisdom, past life connections, brings energy in for one's own solitude, spiritual idealism, high sensitivity to feelings and smell, assimilation of 17-18 months will arise new opportunities on all levels, helps show you the wisdom of life and the innate wisdom to apply it at present time.

Sea Lions/Seals:

Seal Lions are more mobile on land, has external ears. Seals are more at home in the water, does not have external ears just small openings. This lends to hearing and balance of paying attention to the inner voice. Association with water which is the creative, feminine, imaginative. Helps the inner creative imagination and inspiration balance with outer realities. Movement, playful, busy, one needs balance.


Respect, playful, takes own time, steady with efforts, fragrances can elicit responses with those who associate with skunk medicine (aromatherapy), an ability to attract people will start to develop.


Rebirth, wisdom, fluidity, transmutations, sexuality, look for transitions-changes-opportunities. What things are surfacing that you need to strike out and take advantage of? Perhaps a time to rest and reflect?


Maintains a balance from past to present, spiritual and physical balance, awakens sensibilities and weaves influences in development in your own world, stay focused on the center of things.


Activity, preparedness, awareness, sociable, playful, people should do rather than watch, be active in life, are you planning for the future: time, money, energy? Gathering and not giving? Balance your energy.


Ability to see the future, surrender to the Great Spirit, accept healing and transformation in your life. Time to relax and go with the currents of life, pay attention to hunches and gut instincts, move fluidly through endeavors.


Power, devotion, tactful, skillful, expect new adventures, examine what is happening to you in life. Are you expressing your passion appropriately? Will have a sense of new direction now.


Longevity, endurance, survival skills, patience, stimulates hearing on both the physical and spiritual levels. Are you listening carefully to others? Let Turtle help you decide to take time to slow down or perhaps to pick up the pace a bit.


Sly, shows dietary strengths/weaknesses, ability to get out of tight spots and situations, loners, can sniff out what is hidden, attacks verbally, observation skills. Are you listening carefully? Time to dig deeper?


Inner awakening, creation, movement, strong sense of family, sprout in creative imagination, reaching within or outside to find inspiration, don't hold back your endeavors, be strong and move swiftly.


Royalty, spirit, strength, friendly, sociable, intelligent, ritualistic in nature (applies to all of life), balances flexibility to establish harmony and order in life, new paths and journeys, freedom to move within the realms of insights and attachments. Epitome of the wild spirit.

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