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According to Scottish & Gaelic Traditions, the Airts corresponded to the following elements which are slightly different from the Wiccan Tradition of Witchcraft:

NORTH is ruled by the spirit, Tuath (color is BLACK and time is MIDNIGHT).
SOUTH is ruled by the spirit, Deas (color is WHITE and time is NOON).
WEST is ruled by the spirit, Iar (color is GRAY and time is DUSK).
EAST is ruled by the spirit, Aes (color is RED and time is DAWN).

The system of the Airts has influenced many traditions of witches especially with regards to how the directional correspondences are illustrated.

Most traditions of witchcraft (especially Wicca) use the following correspondences for the four directions:

North: EARTH
South: FIRE
West: WATER (Unchanged b/w Wicca & Airts)
East: AIR

The Airts system differs from this common practice. Due to the influence of the Airts, some traditions of witchcraft use the following alternative correspondences for the four directions:

North: AIR

Symbolizing the cold winds that descend from the North

South: EARTH
The lowest point of the compass and the direction that solid things fall due to the natural forces of gravity


East: FIRE
Due to the sun's rising in the East everywhere in the world.

The following folk rhymes illustrated the Gaelic "Airts".

East is red for break of day.
South is white for noontide hour.
In the West is twilight gray,
And Black is North for midnight power.

Another version of this rhyme is:

Black spirits, white,
Red spirits, gray,
Come ye, come ye
Come what may.

Around and round,
Throughout, about.
The good stay in.
The ill keep out.

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